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Zulema De La CruzBorn in Madrid, she is Master in Piano and Composition at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music of Madrid, Master of Arts in Composition and Computer Music by Stanford University (California, U. S. A.) and Advanced Studies Diploma in Culture and Comunication by the IE University of Segovia (Spain). She expanded her education in Electroacoustic and Computer Music by J. Chowning, thanks to a fellowship George Maile at CCRMA (Center for Computer Music and Acoustics, Stanford University). Nowadays she is proceeding with her PhD Thesis.

Within her performer framework she is member of the Foundation and “Grupo Sax Ensemble” since 1993, in charge of the electroacoustic media. This group received the Spanish National price in 1997.
She has been awarded several prices and acted as consultant and juree member for several institutions. Her commissioned works have been interpreted in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Japan, China and Australia. Her catalogue offers a variety of musical ensembles, from solos, to chamber, multimedia, symphonic, vocal and scene music.

Since 1996 belongs to the consulting board of the Piano International Concourse “Premio jaén”, being in 1998 the author of the compulsory work “Trazos del Sus” for its XL edition. This work is part of the eight pieces collection “En torno al Sur”, 1997-2005.

The “6º Concurso Internacional de Piano Compositores de España” devoted its 2005 edition to her; the “Dúo Cerutti”performed for the first time “Gigantes y Molinos”.
In 2000 she received for the first time the “PREMIO DE LA MÚSICA IV EDICIÓN” for the best autor in classical music from the “Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de la Música” with the work “El Color del Cuarzo” for symphonic orchestra, commissioned by the “Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España (1999). She enters this academy as member in 2004. In 2005, 2008 and 2009 she became finalist in the IX, XII and XIII editions of the same Price with “Obertura Hispania” (Chorus and orchestra) commissioned by the “Fundación Siemens” in 2003 y edited in the record Concierto de Navidad Siemens 2003, “Soluna” (Instrumental group and electroacoustic music) commissioned by the F”undación Sax Ensemble” and edited un the record Zulema de la Cruz Monográfico “Obras para Saxofón” (Iberautor, 2005) y “Evocazione Rossiniana” edited in the record Weber&Rossini, Josep Fuster, clarinete e Isabel Hernández, piano (Columna música, 2008).

In 2006 y 2010 receives again the “PREMIO DE LA MÚSICA X y XIV EDICIÓN” for the best classical music author with “Concierto Nº1 para piano y orquesta “Atlántico” edited in the monographic record Zulema de la Cruz, Col legno in 2005, commissioned by the “XVII Festival de Música de Canarias” and performed for the first time by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra with Guillermo González as solo pianist and conducted by Leif Segerstam and “Canciones del alba” for Tenor y Violoncello (Joaquín Pixán and Guillermo Pastrana) edited in the record Cinco versiones musicales para Tres poemas inéditos de Ángel González, Andante Producciones Culturales, 2008.

In 2008, “Concierto nº3 para violín y orquesta sinfónica “Tres Culturas” is performed for the first time as a commission by “Fundación Autor” and A.E.O.S, with Manuel Guillén as soloist and the “Orquesta de Radio Televisión Española” conducted by Adrián Leaper. This work is dedicated to peace among the people and in memoriam to Rafael Nebot. It was edited in the record Nueva Creación Sinfónica 3. Fundación Autor, AEOS, Sello Autor y Arteria Promociones Culturales.
In 2009 Justo Sanz as soloist and the “Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid”, conducted by José Ramón Encinar, perform for the first time in the “Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid” the “Concierto nº1 para clarinete y orquesta sinfónica “Ártico” that was commissioned by the “Coro de la Comunidad de Madrid, ORCAM”.

2010 sees the first performance of “Agua y Sueño, Canto para un descubrimiento” by the group “La Folía” and the soprano Celia Alcedo, with texts by Antonio Maura, in the VI Festival Latinoamericano de Música de Caracas. This work was performed in Spain by La Folía in 2006.

She received the “Insignia de Oro de la “Fundación Colmenero 2009” for her artistic merits and her professional trajectory.

She was awarded the “Premio en Música 2010, XIX Edición PREMIOS NACIONALES CULTURA VIVA”, for her professional and teaching trajectory.

In 2011 the “Orquesta de Cámara Cordobesa” and Josep Fuster, as soloist, performed for the first time her “Concierto Nº2 para Clarinete y Orquesta de Cuerda Luces del Alba” in the XIV Festival de Música Contemporánea Córdoba 2011, as a commission by this festival.

In 2012 the guitar player Gabriel Estarellas commissions her as a celebration for his 60 th anniversary, and performed for the fisrt time, “Ecos de una cuerda” in the concert organized by the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical CNDM during the season 2012-13, in el Auditorio Reina Sofía de Madrid.

In 2013 she sees the first performance of the version for symphonic orchestra of her concerto for high saxophone “Mediterráneo” with the “Orquesta Sinfónica de la UAM”, Francisco Martínez as soloist and Enrique Muñoz as conductor. The version for instrumental group and high sax was performed for the first time in 2002 in the Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid by the same soloist to whom it is dedicated and the group Sax Ensemble. This work will be performed in the comencement concert during the Congreso Europeo de Saxofón 2014 in Ciudad Real, Spain.

Also in 2013 the work “Solsticio de verano” as a commission by the “Fundación Colmenero” for its Premios George Pehlivanian 2013, dedicated and performed by her son, the violinist Sergio Lecuona and the pianist Adriana Goméz Cervera (prize George Pehlivanian 2013 for the duo of contemporary music).

In September 2014 the work “Canto a las víctimas inocentes” will be performed for the first time by the Orquesta y Coros de la Comunidad de Madrid with Víctor Pablo Pérez conducting, commissioned by the Fundación AEOS and the Fundación SGAE and in December of this same year her string and electroacoustic media quartet Nº3 “The Outer Limits”, commissioned by the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical, INAEM-MECD will be performed for the first time.
In recent years she has been working in the opera “TAGOL” on a libretto by Antonio Maura, which is based on his novel Ayno.

She is edited by PILES and SEEMSA-EMEC.

Since 1988 she develops her educational and research career as Professor on Electroacoustic Composition in the Laboratorio de Investigación y Composición Electroacústica y por Ordenador (LICEO) on the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

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